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McDonald’s Observatory

Is it Illegal to graffiti a cow in Texas?

In Texas it is illegal to graffiti a cow. Since a cow is a chattel (property), defacing it would be considered vandalism. In a state where livestock has a bigger impact on the economy, these rules are clearly delineated and it is still punishable by hanging.

Yep, we’re big rig friendly!

Office, store, cafe, restrooms, showers and laundromat

Penny’s Cafe

Penny’s Cafe Cheeseburger

Large and level sites

The state’s cattle population is estimated to be near 16 million and the Texas Rangers is the oldest state-wide law enforcement agency in the United States.


Moon Over Van Horn

Cactus Flower

Another cactus flower

And yet another

End of the road, Santa Elena Canyon

Texas has approximately 11,500 historical markers. Marker subjects include historic courthouses, frontier forts, Spanish missions and presidios, cemeteries, churches, individuals, historic homes and buildings and Texas independence battle sites. More than 700 local history museums, 40,000 recorded archeological sites and more than 2,000 sites in Texas are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Clark Hotel Museum

Several different flags have flown over Texas during its history. Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, and the Republic of Texas all claimed Texas as its own throughout the years. Texas remained a republic for almost 10 years until it became part of the United States in 1845.

El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak

A great place to star gaze!

Trailer and horse tack

Brewed just south of us in Alpine, TX

The Marfa Lights – Accounts of strange and unexplained phenomena just outside of Marfa began during the 19th century and continue to this day. Ranchers, Apaches, high school sweethearts and famous meteorologists alike have reported seeing seemingly sourceless lights dance on the horizon southeast of town, an area that is nearly uninhabited and extremely difficult to traverse. The mystery lights are sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes white, and usually appear at random throughout the night, no matter the season or the weather.

No crossing guards?

West Texas boasts some of the darkest skies in the country!

Young rider looking across Big Bend Ranch State Park

Young rider looking across Big Bend Ranch State Park

Average yearly rainfall totals in West Texas are less than 8 inches while in East Texas totals exceed 56 inches. Texas climate statistics, Texas and U.S. weather extremes.

Another beautiful sunrise here at the Van Horn RV Park!

On site detailing, sweet!

A relaxing day at the course

Desert solitaire

Another beautiful sunset!

Texas has 90 mountains a mile or more high, with Guadalupe Peak in West Texas at 8,751 feet being the tallest.

The name Texas came from the Caddo Indian word ‘tayshas’ meaning “friends” or “allies”. The Spanish pronounced it as ‘tejas’ and the English settlers pronounced it as Texas.

Large beautiful sites!

Holiday dinners at the park!

Comfortable camping cabins

Deluxe tent camping with all the amenities!

Just 1 1/2 hours to Carlsbad Caverns National Park!


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